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This Web Site along with most other major websites uses cookies. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to the cookie file on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies allow us to understand what pages of our website you visit and enables us to tailor the content to fit the needs of visitors who have accessed the Web Site.

We use two types of cookie on this Web Site:
- Session cookies, which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your computer until you close your browser (at which point they are deleted).
- Persistent or stored cookies that remain permanently on the cookie file of your computer.

Cookies cannot look into your computer and obtain information about you or your family or read any material kept on your hard drive and, unless you have logged onto an authenticated page, cookies cannot be used to identify who you are. Cookies cannot be used by anyone else who has access to the computer to find out anything about you, other than the fact that someone using the computer has visited a certain website. Cookies do not in any way compromise the security of your computer. Cookies will not be used to contact you for marketing purposes other than by means of advertisements offered within this Web Site.

Cookies may be used to record details of particular pages that you have visited on this Site. This is to provide us with generic usage statistics to allow us to improve our Site We use Google Analytics a free metrics tool to measure a wide range of site metrics, like visits to the site, you can find out more about Google Analytics cookies here.

Google Analytics tracking (and most web tracking software) uses cookies in order to provide meaningful reports about your site visitors. However, Google Analytics cookies do not collect personal data about your website visitors.

It basically tells us whether the Web Site has a small number of regular visitors or a large number of infrequent visitors. None of the information can be traced to an individual – we do not know who you are as a unique user, merely that there are a certain number of people using this Web Site. The cookie only relates to what goes on in this Web Site and the information cannot be used for marketing on an individual basis.

If you continue to use our Web Site, you agree to our use of cookies as detailed above.

How to manage cookies

The web browsers of most computers are initially set up to accept cookies. You can choose not to accept certain cookies by turning this feature off within your browser settings. If you prefer, you can set your web browser to disable cookies or to inform you when a website is attempting to add a cookie. You can also delete cookies that have previously been added to your computer’s cookie file.

You can set your browser to disable persistent cookies and/or session cookies but if you disable session cookies, although you will be able to view this Web Site’s unsecured pages, you may not be able to log onto any authenticated pages.

Please visit the following web site to discover how to disable and delete cookies:

Web beacons and spotlight tags

This Web Site may contain electronic images, known as web beacons or spotlight tags. These enable us to count users who have visited certain pages on the website. Web beacons and spotlight tags are simply tools used to obtain generic information about the web pages visited. They are not used to obtain information about specific users.